UFC 229 Results : Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor

ufc 229

It was a match that the audience had predicted McGregor would never lose. A game needs preparation and courage. You cannot predict results because the unexpected happens most of the times. Before the fight began, nobody thought that the famous champion McGregor would lose the battle to Nurmagomedov. This was not the first match for McGregor to win; he had already won many competitions, thus the audience expected a lot from him. Little did they know that he could start loosing as early as the first fight. It only needs courageousness to win anything on this earth. This is what exactly happened in the ufc 229 results.

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ufc 229 results

McGregor always used to win every match; he never expected to lose this fight. This was the surprise to his fans. It only took Nurmagomedov preparation and courage to defeat this grand champion from the fight. No matter how many times others lost to him, Nurmagomedov didn’t fail. He believed in himself and knew this time he will face the opponent well. It has been said several times that a game is only predicted when the opponents are in the field. It was not an easy task that anybody could have won, both of them were prepared for the match. Nobody knew that he would lose, they both knew that they are winners. McGregor missed knowing that in a game there must be a winner and a loser. Even you be a champion how many times, you can’t be forever.McGregor remained not bitten for an extended period. Every match that he was given, everybody knew it was a guaranteed win, but this time things were very different. It was not easy to believe that this match he found somebody more than is potential. In a fight, the number of times you win does not determine your probability of winning bu how are you prepared for the match. McGregor was used to winning every game, he always knew that everybody feared him. He failed by not having adequate and enough preparation for the game. This time it was a hard time for him, he was given the first chance which lost and the second again he lost. This was not enough he also missed the third time.

Many had tried to put this champion down with much struggle, but this time he was losing with the first shots. It was an embarrassment to his fans who attended the ufc results and to himself.A match needs you to keep trying and trying each time; you never lose hope with a defeat. This is what most of the people did, and they lost many times. This time was a different time, history changed, and the unexpected happened. Everybody has his time, and o one remains on top forever as intelligent minds are born every day that passes. At times it is good to retire early to avoid embarrassment. McGregor could have retired soon, e could have remained the champion, but now because he wanted it forever, he lost to Nurmagomedov. It was a surprise to everyone; even Nurmagomedov was surprised how he managed to be the champion after the match.

You only need to try every time without losing hope, one day it will be successful as it was proved this time by the UFC 229 results. The difference between the winners and losers is that winners always accept the results and know that they can lose or win. It is good not to have many expectations in a match as they end up surprising you. It was a little struggle that kept increasing from when Nurmagomedov managed to on top of McGregor. He kept giving shot by shot till the very end when he won the fight. Expectations never miss in every match; the difference comes when they never come true. Having expectations in a game is not the best idea, they will always fail you. Sometimes the expectations come true but in minimal times. The audience will never understand what it takes to win a match; they will still think you can do as you did last time. You cannot win every game; nobody is perfect in this world. Failure is there to teach you some lessons and give you the required confidence. For instance, no matter how much Nurmagomedov lost the fights before he still knew that he would make it.

They both struggled in the match, but the outcome must be one winner and one looser. This is the only truth that audiences fail to know; they should appreciate both of them. At times in life, you have to lose to get what you want. In the match, you will have to lose many times for you to have that spirit of being successful. Most of the champions have failed multiple times, which we fail to see because of there performance when they win. The mind of winning begins from the first shot you make in the match. From the UFC 230 live streams, you can see Nurmagomedov struggling from the first step he made into the ring. The commitment begins from the start and not the end. In a nutshell, it is good to get prepared by having courage in the match. A match can only have two outcomes. Therefore both opponents should be appreciated as they planted much effort to be in the final match. You should always accept the results as that is the first step of winning.

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