UFC 231 Live Stream : Holloway Vs. Ortega Saturday, December 8, 2018

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One of the greatest UFC organized event holding this year is the UFC 231. The event is to hold on Saturday, December 8, 2018, and it will be the fight between Holloway Vs. Ortega. Scotiabank Arena located in Toronto, Ontario Canada will be the venue for the important fight. Many people are waiting anxiously for the fight, which will be broadcast on PPV, which is pay per view arrangement UFC 231 Live Stream.

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Several broadcast stations in the world will stream the fight live. Fox Sports 1 will stream the fight live, as the official broadcast channel. The sports channel is partnering with other broadcast, cable and internet streaming channels to bring the epic fight live to many people across the world. The championship fight is already dubbed a doubleheader. In that encounter, featherweight champion Max Holloway will have the opportunity to defend his title against his challenger. The challenger is no other than Brian Ortega. The fight is the main event of that card, as there could, be other interesting fights billed for the day UFC 231 Live Stream.

HOLLOWAY ufc 231 live streamvsufc 231 live stream

December 8 events were announced by no other than the UFC president Dana White. The fight, like others in that category is expected to go for five rounds and it will be streamed across the globe through pay per view basis. The fight is going to be part of the program for the day. It is going to join other fights previously announced to hold the same day and at the same venue.Another important event scheduled for the day includes the fight for the vacant flyweight title and it is will be between Jedrzejczyk Joanna, and Schvchenko Valentina. It is expected that double champions will be produced that day. There is no doubt that many viewers of the event will have real value for their money.

So far, Holloway remained the undisputed featherweight champion. He is expected to repeat the same thing he has done in the last fights. However, the fight against Ortega is not going to be an easy one because so far Max Ortega remains unbeaten. Ortega has been eyeing the title since, and that is why he engaged other great fighters in that category such as Cub Swanson, Frankie Edgar and so on. He has been eyeing the title holder. Now that the two will meet, it will settle the dispute as to who is greater amongst the two celebrated wrestlers.

The two were expected to fight sometime this year, and this was around July but that fight was postponed. The event will also hold other fights such as the lightweight battle between Thiago Santos and Jimi Manuwa .

In addition to that, there will be a middleweight showdown between Elias Theodoroy against Eryk Anders and so on.

The event organizers will make sure that the main card battle holds and other subsequent fights taking place at Scotiabank Arena is aired live to fans across the world. Because of that, it is to be aired on PPV. The prelims will be on the FSI. In addition to that, it will be streamed live on UFC Flight Pass and so on. This means that there are different ways of watching the fight live.

Holloway has just recovered from depression, which was holding him from facing his major challenger. Before this date was agreed on, the challenger has ensured that he will not wait again in vain, as that was the case in July. The aborted fight, which was at UFC 226 was postponed because doctors have issues with Holloway’s health. Now that he is fully recovered, he wants the fight to take place. He has also objected to taking another fighter before this one.

Even if Holloway who weighs 19-3 MMA AND 15-3 UFC fails to show up, the organizers could get a replacement so that the event at the venue will still hold for the satisfaction of fans.

UFC 231 LIVE STREAM How to watch the fight:

UFC 231 Live Stream

The fight will be watched from all parts of the world. Hundreds of thousands of television subscribers are planning to be part of the event because they have already subscribed with official broadcasters of that event which is Fox Sports 1. This channel has been broadcasting and collaborating with the sponsors of the event many years starting from the year 1981.

Many television channels across the globe will look to them from all parts of the world. Currently, the station has the broadcasting right for most of the UFC organized fights. The fight will be available in Fox Sports 1. It will also be aired through the UFC Fight Pass. The viewing option is PPV. If you want to watch the fight through free viewing, then you will not watch that fight live.

Holloway was qualified for the fight after he won the promotion battle against a former champion Jose Aldo in the year 2017, and the fight took place at UFC 212. That fight was 145 Pounds title and Holloway won that fight. It ended in the third round. When he won the fight, he unified the championship. He unified the undisputed belts and the interim. Another fight was billed for him in the UFC 223, when he was expected to take the place of injured Tony Ferguson against Khabib Nurmagomedov, but the fight could not go on because he was certified medically unfit.

Ortega 14-0 qualified for this fight when he knocked out Frankie Edgar at UFC 222. This encounter took place in March. He is such popular in the UFC that he is widely regarded as T City. He has an impressive record in UFC fights as he records four straight third round knockouts. One of the remarkable knockouts was that he has against Clay Guida at UFC 199, as well as the submission victory he has against Swanson.

So far, the Californian born boxer has had at least 14 fights and he has won all of them. The fight is not going to be easy for any of the fighters and it is expected that any of them could win. Both have impressive records.It is not surprising that the fight is generating lots of interests. Many people will like to watch it live. Those who may not have the opportunity of getting the ticket or visiting Canada for the fight are not going to miss anything because UFC 231 Live Stream will be streamed live to the world through Fox Sports 1, which has been transmitting most of UFC events. Apart from that, UFC Fight Pass is going to stream the fight live. It is on pay per view basis.

Canada and American fans how to watch event live:

If you have internet and cable satellite television in your house, you can watch the encounter. Many television channels across the world particularly Canada and America will reach an agreement with Fox sports to stream the fight live. All you need to do is to renew your subscription plan with these channels before December 8, to enable you to watch all the events.

Other fights are to take place apart from that of the main cards. There are others in that card. You will have the opportunity of watching all the fights live.

If you do not have cable television in your house, you will not lose anything once you have a high-speed internet connection. You can subscribe to different online channels and watch the fight live. You must renew your subscription with such internet televisions like foxsports.com, Sling Television, DirectTV Now, Hulu Television live, NBC sports, ABC sports and several other online channels. You must download their apps which will enable you to watch all the events. Check for channel availability in your area before you choose any streaming channel. The fight is going to be geo-restricted. You may not watch it in a certain area with most of these streaming channels. You can watch the event using your mobile devices such as phones.

International fans how to watch event live:

Even international fans will have the opportunity of watching that event live. Fox sports 1 is collaborating with television stations across the world to stream the fight live. Check stations in your area to know whether they have an understanding with Fox sports to stream the fight live.There are also other options available for you such as VPN services. With VPN services, you can unblock firewalls that make it impossible to access online streaming channels. Even if you use a VPN or DNS proxy to watch the fight, you still have to pay for it.

Final Words:

UFC 231 Live Stream promises to be one of the best fights of the year. It is perhaps the last competitive fight for the year. As the fight day approaches, many people are waiting with expectations. The UFC 231 main event, which is the fight between Holloway and Ortega is the fight many people were eagerly waiting for. It is a great event and many people will like to watch the fight live. Fox Sports 1 has made all necessary arrangements with collaborating stations to ensure you get the best of the fight. Just renew your subscription before the fight day to be part of the event. There are other programs in that card. It is going to be an evening of double champions as two champions will emerge that night.